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Why Choose Blackhawk?

In two words, experience and authenticity. We’ve been there, hands-on, doing what you do for a very long time. We operate from one central idea: that our work must solve real-world problems for modern industry and that we look at the world from your perspective. That comes easy for us. We’ve been contractors and construction crew, maintenance supervisors and project managers. We’ve been engineers and electricians, fire & safety techs and business owners. Our software was designed and built to address many of the problems you and your team encounter every day at work. Whether you’re a sole-proprietor electrician or director of facilities management in a hospital system, we have solutions for you. We value simplicity and convenience while delivering latest-technology performance. And we want to see you succeed. That’s why we offer the highest-level customer support, software customization, and we always love feedback. We want to know how we can consistently meet your needs..

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